Dunn, Louisiana

Dunn is a small village on Highway 80 five miles west of Delhi.

More about Dunn

About 1840, a road was cut through the canebrake and swamps of this region, which is currently located in Richland Parish. Stagecoach service began on this road in 1849. Horses were changed at Charles Carpenter's house near Dunn. This house, unique for the thickness of sheathing and lining that encased its log walls, became famous as an inn during the 1850's.

Ferries were an important adjunct to this early road. Franchises for the operation of ferries were auctioned to the highest bidder. All ferries on Bayou Macon and the Boeuf River charged "two-bits for horse and rider, a dime for foot passengers, and 12 1/2 cents a wheel for wagons and carriages."

The post office was established at Dunn in February 1900 with William W. Crow as postmaster. No one seems to know how the post office got its name.